Which good reason could you have to leave your comfortzone?

Growth and new achievements, they are to be found only outside of your comfort zone - provided the right companion. Whether training, coaching or Keynote Speaking: I am looking forward to hear from you!

What you can imagine - you can achieve! Really?

Get the right mindset and a laser targeted focus just by one simple change.

exit your comfort zone

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how to jump over puddles again

Once you made your first step with one simple change find out how wonderful it is to reach out with your potenzial to others and help them with your experience how to jump over puddles again.

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Transform within 30 days

To live a happy life you need to know how to live a healthy life. Now I am not going to make you read definitions about health but rather as you may already know you need a balanced life. Nutrition, movement, relaxation and positive thoughts for the mind. First step would be understand why you need to detoxify your body daily in order to be happy person. And best part of it: You can achieve this within 30 days. Just click my link and find out.


what others say and feel about working with me

His excellent expertise , his enthusiasm and his commitment make Mr. Lugani a great asset. LSI Manager D.H.

His excellent expertise

I pretty much enjoyed the inspiring and authentic way you presented this training. I was wondering how this training would be from an inside point of view. As being a trainer myself, I can say one of the best trainings I attended. Thanks a lot! J.D. Manager

...one of the best trainings I attended.

Working with you was of great benefit for our company. Centerworx Management, O.S. CEO

Working with you ...